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Similar Transit Stations and Costs

Arlington, VA

Walter Reed East Super Stop

Columbia Pike Super Stop

Approximate Cost: $989,520

Line Name: Columbia Pike Super Stop

Mode: Bus (future streetcar)

Norfolk, VA


Norfolk Tide

Approximate Cost: $762,000

Line Name: Tide

Mode: Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Charlotte, NC


Charlotte LYNX

Approximate Cost: $757,000

Line Name: LYNX

Mode: Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Eugene, OR

Eugene West Emx

Existing East Emx station. Future West Emx station will probably be similar.

Approximate Cost: $445,000

Line Name: West Emx

Mode: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Silver Line

Approximate Cost: $662,000

Line Name: Silver Line

Mode: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Montgomery County, MD

Montgomery County

Montgomery County Corridor Cities Transitway

Approximate Cost: $1.6 – $2.0 million

Line Name: Corridor Cities Transitway

Mode: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Minneapolis, MN


Minneapolis Hiawatha

Approximate Cost: $1.755 million

Line Name: Hiawatha

Mode: Light Rail Transit (LRT)