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Columbia Pike Form Based Code (Commercial Centers)

(Article 11.1. Appendix A of the Zoning Ordinance)

The Columbia Pike Form Based Code is designed to create a pedestrian-oriented development that will make Columbia Pike a pleasant walking experience. The code will foster a vital “Main Street” through a lively mix of shopfronts, sidewalk cafes, and other commercial uses at street level, overlooked by canopy shade trees and upper story residences and offices. For additional information on the Code’s 2003 adoption by the County Board, click here:   Printing Notes: This document is intended to be printed double-sided on letter size paper (with the exception of the 4 Regulating Plan maps, which are landscape oriented, tabloid size (11×17) and intended to be printed single-sided). Each section of the code has been updated to reflect all amendments through April 12, 2014.  Please refresh the links below in your browser to view the most current version of each section.

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 Individual Sections for Print:

Columbia Pike Form Based Code Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Form Based Code Approved Development Proposals

  1. The Halstead (Columbia Station): June 12, 2004 (PDF)
  2. 55 Hundred (Columbia Village): July 09, 2005 (PDF)
  3. Siena Park (Safeway Site): October 14, 2006 (PDF)
  4. Axumite Village: July 11, 2009; Supplemental Report 1; Supplemental Report 2 (PDF)
  5. Columbia Place: July 11, 2009; Supplemental Report (PDF)
  6. Arlington Mill Community Center: September 25, 2010; 2nd Staff Report (PDF)
  7. Arlington Mill Community Center Residences: February 12, 2011 (PDF)
  8. The Shell: March 09, 2012 (PDF)
  9. Pike 3400 (Rosenthal Site): May 22, 2012; Supplemental Report 1; Supplemental Report 2 (PDF)

FBC Development Proposal Notes:

  • Penrose Square was approved as a Site Plan project on October 14, 2006 (PDF)
  • The Shell was the first FBC development proposal approved administratively.  As a result, an approval letter from the Zoning Administrator was created (instead of a typical staff report)

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