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  • Transit Stations

    Transit Stations

    In May 2014 Arlington County announced plans to substantially reduce the cost of new transit stations along Columbia Pike and improve their functionality. The new station design will cost significantly less to build and maintain than the prototype at Columbia Pike and South Walter Reed Drive, which opened in March 2013. The total project cost, […]

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  • Streetcar Return on Investment

    Streetcar Return on Investment

    Streetcar on Columbia Pike is projected to generate $3.2 billion to $4.4 billion in net, or new, real estate value for Arlington and Fairfax Counties over 30 years, and attract 6,600 new jobs to the corridor within 10 years of project construction.

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  • Streetcar


    Arlington County is working to create a walkable “Main Street” along Columbia Pike, and a modern streetcar system is central to achieving this vision.

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  • Neighborhoods Area Plan Implementation Process

    Neighborhoods Area Plan Implementation Process

    This future vision focuses on multi-family residential areas located between the commercial areas along the Columbia Pike. Plan goals include enhancing vibrancy and quality of life along, creating a walking and bicycle friendly community, supporting the planned streetcar coming to the Pike, and sustaining a significant supply of housing that serves diverse incomes. Preserving neighborhood character, historic buildings, and tree canopy are also key elements.

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